The Thirteenth Floor

by The Thirteenth Floor

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Debut self-titled EP


released April 20, 2014

All music written and performed by The Thirteenth Floor

Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by JaeKwon Park

Additional recording by Gabriel Scoppa

The Thirteenth Floor is:
JR Harold
Stephan Lear
JaeKwon Park



all rights reserved


The Thirteenth Floor

THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR is a 4-piece Deathcore band from Canada.

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Track Name: Insidious Agenda
With only one look
tormented and paralyzed
watching myself sleep
my mind it fades into the night
don't let it consume you
becoming everything that you despise
Now you lay there in a stasis
We thought you would never escape
fear wins if you embrace it
let it take over this brain
I hope to see you in the further
where I will assume my revenge
even if I'm an astral projection

Will you stare into it's face
or will you run away
all those bad deeds won't be exonerated
by, living on your knees

you're floating away in the desert
where you lost your senses
with that greed you would drown in the first oasis.
Track Name: Harness and Hatches Secure
I won't lay down let you walk over me
I can't give in to this hypocrisy
this machine it swallows all of our dreams
then becomes and invisible prison
I am not about to let my soul
go down like the rest
when will we stop hearing all of their screams
baby I won't hear another whisper
in my own eyes
we've been preserving many lives
but for what when
this system crushes our determination
blood soaked trenches become homes to the lost souls
bury vengeance and replace that feeling with greed

you can't spill one pint of blood without having a shower
this apparition wishes death upon this world

we all live for an end
never in my life have I seen so many bodies dissapear the way they did
they changed the way the blight was heading just about as quick as a blink of an eye

when the decision is past the destructions vast
we'll all be laying in fallout blankets

I'm telling you all
we'll be laying in fallout blankets
when the decision is past the destructions vast
we'll be laying in fallout blankets
Track Name: Deadlights
This place is so familiar
all my memories they came flooding back like a tidal wave
now it's coming back that dread filled symphony
the wind at my back now you
coax me into the depths
will I make it out alive

you float right down the stream
left there helplessly
and when the tide turns red
you'll be swallowed and weighed down by
your regrets

pick your grave except the one on the right it's already taken
haste was made, riddled my mind the only witness of the burial of the forsaken
in this undying light
will I gain the strength
to overcome this blight
and I can't let you create another cadaver
they all float in the deadlights(3x)

they all float in the deadlights

in deadlights

they all float in the deadlights
Track Name: Hypnocil
Laying awake I count numbers on the walls
I am the struggle that we all know
If anyone can hear me
I've been pulled under and carried away, wake me up
Everyone knows, what your intentions are
The way you hide in the night
Waiting for your prey and then you make your strike
They stole it away
Watch my mind, as it floats into decay
It floats into decay
Embrace the world that you've destroyed
Can't stand this way of living
Right away, I could tell that I'd see you on the other side, in hell
We know what you are
There's no sense in hiding in those shadows
How could I look ahead when death is always one step behind
And now my mind becomes a prison
I'm the only one incarcerated
And all I have left in my possessions are one thought, him
Welcome to my nightmare.
Track Name: The Tracker
I've got my eye down the sight of the long arm
no matter how fast your feet can move your still mine
you can never run as fast as this bullet
heavy is the weight of the mind behind the finger that pulls

put your guilt aside
let hate resonate infect your inside
lay down your troubled hands
and I might get a glimpse of sleep with more than one eye

you waltz along
set this blaze in front of yourself
it follows you down
a parasite that torments you
then you're alone
you taste that steel one last time you exhale

this animal give it embrace its a part of me if I live by my instincts its a prison
this population is under a spell right in front of me I'd sooner die than become a part of the herd

the herd

you always wanted
to be a part of me
now you flow through my veins