“i feel like i’m dying to see them immediately after seeing them.


The Thirteenth Floor is a deathcore trio from Ottawa Ontario, formed in the year 2012. The band is comprised of drummer JaeKwon Park, vocalist Stephan Lear and guitarist JR Harold. Since their debut release of their self titled EP in 2014 they have been working on their follow up The Departed. Many bands often choose to rush the writing process and releasing an unfinished album but with a polished high quality sound. Or spend so long writing they get frustrated and release a lower quality recording after spending too many years listening to the same songs. The Thirteenth Floor wanted both, spending three years writing and perfecting the songwriting process and investing heavily into recording.

Now with their latest release, they’re ready to show the world their evolution and fresh take on the genre. “It’s Progressive Deathcore, but with this eerie vibe to it. The typical deathcore thing isn’t necessarily what we’re going for. The whole deathcore tag comes with the music we write, we see it as depth in terms of what the listener can feel.” says vocalist Stephan Lear. The title The Departed actually directly addresses the lyrical content of the EP. It’s about life, but ultimately the reality that comes with it, those who depart us in death. They wanted to listener to ‘feel’ the weight of the lyrical content in the sound of the music, and they achieved it. Aggressive, eerie, technically proficient The Departed will surely become a staple in many heavy music fan’s listening roster.


Stephan Lear

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JR Harold

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JaeKwon Park

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