Mother Mortis

by The Thirteenth Floor

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I've never felt such a malignant presence
pouring from the walls in this house
close your eyes, pray
that this apparition doesn't devour your worthless soul
I'm not taken back
living in the past of my life
I'll not run to save myself
while you sit there and contrive
will it end with my fall
but then I hit the floor
behind the veil there's a bride that's given her sentiment
on that day we were wed
she spilled the blood red
fear fills my lungs
as I survive through your disease
look me in my eyes
you'll see I live through these dreams
but your the thorn in my side
the poison flowing through my veins
but your too blind too
see it's the end of your reign
landed in the further with no recollection of how I got here
and the door it closes just as fast as the opportunity came and went
then this reality it settled in from the conversion of your strength your hand on my face
and that moments frozen
your flesh is withered, your losing your light
you can see that tainted soul has devoured the life
hiding behind you, this revenant
possessing you to be armed with a knife
you're prisoners of what's ingrained in your heart
you can never escape from what's burned in your mind


released July 17, 2014



all rights reserved


The Thirteenth Floor

THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR is a 4-piece Deathcore band from Canada.

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